Our romantic island holds many locations to inspire you to want to share your marital vows once again.
Blessings or renewal of vows take place for different reasons.
Below are a few suggestions we have had the honor of being part of:

  • Celebration of an anniversary… be it 10, 20 or 50 years
  • A fresh new start to a relationship for whatever reason
  • Your legal wedding was done in a civil office and you never felt like you had a proper wedding with romantic photos
  • One of the two has lost their original wedding rings, have bought new ones and thus wanting to bless them
  • Surprise your spouse with a blessing ceremony to show them how much you love them
  • Surprise your mom/dad with a blessing ceremony to help them celebrate many good years of marriage, to show them how much they mean to you, to thank them for all the hard years of raising you and your siblings
  • Bless your engagement rings as a start to your commitment that will lead you to marriage in the near future

Blessings/renewal of vows are not legally bonding thus you don’t have to be married to celebrate a special event. With this in mind we have a clean slate and can create for you whatever your heart desires.

We can provide for you a standard ceremony in Greek/English with the exchanging of rings/vows or you can compose your own ceremony. Imagine you being the author of the wording that will be heard by your friends/family and shared with the most important person in your life. You can include poems, sayings even scriptures.

If you are interested in a more religious feel we can also provide you with a minister of neutral religion to conduct the ceremony. Share with your loved one what the scriptures have inspired us all throughout the years…. what love is in the eyes of God ….and what the meaning of love is….what our obligations are towards each other.

Let us help you plan any event down to the last detail. Whether you want to re-live your wedding and add frills like a reception, flowers, horse/carriage or just a very intimate ceremony just the two of you with a bottle of champagne. Share your thoughts with us and we will make your dream become reality.