Cruiseliner Weddings

Choose any venue you would like to get married and then sail off into the sunset on our cruiseliner reception. Enjoy your dinner as the dolphins swim besides you and the stars start twinkling in the sky. What better way then to spend your wedding reception than on a boat sailing around the romantic “Island of Dreams”.

Coming down the marble staircase, across the mosaic terrace the bride is given away to the groom by her father. The different shades of the boguevillias help make the atmosphere more romantic. The guests are seated while they wait for the ceremony to begin. The vows are exchanged while the ring is placed on each others fingers. After they are pronounced husband and wife the sound of applause, laughter and cheering can be heard. When the family and friends are finished congratulating the couple there are a series of photos to be taken of this momentous occasion.

Walking through the rain of confetti the couple make their way down the path to the main staircase where their horse drawn carriage awaits. Similar to traditional Greek weddings the bride & groom are taken through the town center with a convoy of cars beeping and honking. At the beach there is a series of romantic photos while the video takes the couple holding hands as they walk into the sunset.

Arrangements will be made for your guests to be transferred by bus to the cruise-liner. Here they can enjoy their drinks while they wait for the newlyweds to arrive.

Upon leaving the beach, the couple is driven by decorated car to the boat. Here they can then cut their cake and feed each other. Champagne is opened as the guests cheer them on. Finaly, they dance to their favourite song, while the video fades away with them in each others arms. With the sequence of events the video develops into a nice fairy tale story from start to finish. From “Once upon a time….” to “The End”.

This all inclusive package combines different locations and is recommended for parties of 25 people and more. The Cruise-liner wedding is unique and cannot be conducted in many areas of the world. This means that you and your guests will have experienced something that no one else has. This is an event that everyone will be raving about for many years to come.

The boat holds up to 200 people so there is plenty of room for everyone. There are inside air conditioned lounges, upstairs open deck areas and outside covered areas. We sail off for about an hour. As the boat pulls away from the harbor, there is a fantastic view of Zakynthos town with the background mountain areas. Sailing along the coast we can see the sun setting upon the sea making romance vivid in the air.

As we pull into the harbor preparations are made for the dinner to be served. The buffet consists of different Greek and English food. This menu can be altered to suit everyone’s tastes. The DJ will play your favorite songs until midnight…then “Cinderella” must go home!