Poolside Weddings

These weddings take place, of course, at the pool area of your hotel. Prior to getting the approval from the owner they seclude an area where the wedding ceremony can be conducted.

If your accommodation does not have a pool and you fancy this idea, we can recommend different pools that we have conducted weddings before. Once we get the owners authorization we are usually welcome to use the facilities.

When the wedding ceremony is finished, we have plenty of romantic photos with the newlyweds only and then with all the family and friends. The bridegroom is taken to the beach for more photos and than brought to the reception.

It is nice to arrange with the hotel to have your reception there on an evening that they have organized a “Greek Night”. This way your guests experience Greek Style entertainment. There will be plenty of Zorba dancing and everyone will have a great time without needing to pay for entertainment.

The food usually is BBQ and the drinks are served from the pool-bar. This works out very economic for a reception. The wedding ceremony takes place between 5 and 7 depending on what month it is in the season. You must remember that there will still be people sunbathing on the pool chairs and there will be plenty of audience applauding the bride & groom.

The packages we refer to can be altered and custom made according to your needs. The sequence of events can be changed also. IF there is a specified place that you would like to get married that we don’t mention, please bring it to our attention and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.